Python is an incredibly powerful tool for web development. More and more sites rely on it, including 10 of the most powerful sites in the world that are listed here. See also this curated list of absurd software bug stories.

Python Design Patterns reddit

If you’re still a bit of a beginner you might find it a bit hard to follow on its own – google will be your friend in this case. Without any further ado, here is the list of some of the most popular System design or Object-oriented analysis and design questions to crack any programming job interview. A programming language or web framework is never responsible for the slow speed. Instead, any website can be slow because of the database queries, lack of caching, or not using a CDN for front-end assert. Django is a full-stack Python web framework that follows a batteries-included approach. This approach makes Django easier for a web developer to create basic web development tasks such as user authentication, URL routing, and database schema migration.

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Maintaining notes and cheatsheets will help too, especially for common mistakes. The above covers the ‘core’ stuff you’d have to learn. If you wanted to get into stuff like network programming or graphics programming rather than just core gameplay development, I can expound further. I would advise you to get really comfortable with C++. There are many reasons for this, and game development is one of them.

  • Btw, these questions are not just useful for Java Programmers but also for Python, C++, Java, and Ruby Programmers.
  • Information online can often be misleading, wrong, old, or all of the above, at least in a book which is praised by so many people, you know that the info which you are getting is top value.
  • Accelerated C++ by Koenig & Moo is a very good book that’ll get you up to speed in no time.
  • This approach makes Django easier for a web developer to create basic web development tasks such as user authentication, URL routing, and database schema migration.
  • Of course there are other great/better books out there, but I’m going to stick with what I’ve actually bought and read or “read”.
  • I wouldn’t doubt that within 15 minutes of light reading on Java you’ll be up and running in its entirety.

You need to design software for that so that it can reach use quickly on different levels. You can assume you have two lifts and a 10-floor building. You keep a friend list and see their status and chat with them. In WhatsApp, you can also connect groups but that is for advanced and experienced developers. At a minimum, you should provide a design to keep a friend list and send and receive messages from them.


If you love watching hours of homemade and professional quality video clips on YouTube, you can thank Python for giving you that option. The foundation for Python helped YouTube integrate streaming videos into their pages, as well as the ability to like videos and embed certain information. YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet, and it runs off of one of the most powerful languages in Python. Knowing how to debug your programs is crucial and should be ideally taught right from the beginning instead of a chapter at the end of the book. Think Python is an awesome example for such a resource material. While designing a video streaming service like NetFlix or YouTube key thing is smooth streaming and buffering and functioning over low bandwidth connection, how do you manage those challenges.

If you love taking photos of your food or a new outfit and posting it online for all of your friends to see, you can thank Python for that ability. Granted, Instagram has both a very powerful app and a website, but the latter runs on Python language. The system allows for users to browse, find and post pictures that they like on the site. What started as a powerful app, DropBox is now used by a variety of individuals, businesses, companies, organizations and more. This program lets you save files to a cloud-based service, that you can then access from anywhere in the world. With Python at the root of DropBox, there is no longer a need for USB sticks or blank CDs, since you can now save and share everything with your cloud-based account.

Python Design Patterns reddit

You can also first try all these questions by yourself before joining the course or looking it my solution for some of the questions. Django follows the batteries included approach, which helps developers to build a variety of web applications without using third-party tools and libraries. But developer can’t make changes to the modules which are provided by Django.

A web developer has the option to choose from these frameworks. A programmer has the flexibility to take advantage of the full-stack Python web frameworks. It enhances the development of complex web applications.

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I know both, but prefer working with VS, intellisense is too good to deny hahaha. I strongly suggest you learn more about C++ and Object Oriented programming, as it will solve these issues with organization and global variables you’re having, if you use the ideas correctly. Since it seems like you do know some programming, I would suggest Accelerated C++.

Python Design Patterns reddit

The resource you used to learn Python will typically have some sort of exercises, so those would be ideal as a first choice. I’d also suggest using the below resources to improve your skills. If you get stuck, reread the material related to those topics, search online, ask for clarifications, etc — in short, make an effort to solve it. It is okay to skip some troublesome problems , but you should be able to solve most of the beginner problems.

These types of engagements are typically longterm and, almost always, incorporate a variety of software technologies. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.

No need to explain what a singleton is if you know the pattern and its name. You can use reddit-thread-ripper like any standard Python library. You will need to make sure that you have a development environment consisting of a Python distribution including header files, a compiler, pip, and git installed. Make sure that your pip, setuptools, and wheel are up to date.

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This is really convenient compared to C++ where resources are much more scattered . Rust is currently Python Design Patterns premature but that is only temporary. You don’t have to restrict yourself to only a single language.

Python Design Patterns reddit

Read Randall Hyde’s Write Great Code – This is one of my favorite technical books, and is language agnostic. If you want to go beyond those books and resources, there are Herb Sutter’s Exceptional C++ books. They won’t teach you C++ to its full capacity, of course, but I think they can get you up to speed. Visual Studio is an insanely powerful IDE, and I use it myself and absolutely love it. If you’re comfortable with VS there’s no need to switch because people say it isn’t ‘proper’. However, learning to use a simple text editor, g++ on command line and makefiles will be valuable, even if only as a learning exercise.

Django also provides a built-in template engine, ORM system, and bootstrapping tool, which is very helpful in custom web development. Also remember to do the exercises to really reinforce the concepts. The best way to learn C++, if you have done programming before, is with a book like Accelerated C++ or another from this list. If I am to consider you a complete novice, I would suggest you pick up Python or Ruby again before delving in to C++.

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If not let me tell you that a chat application allows you to send messages to your friend. Btw, if you stuck, you can see the free solution provided on the Educative Grokking System design course as well. A classical system design question from old age which is still popular. Make sure you know how to transition from one state to another like RED to GREEN and from GREEN to ORANGE to RED etc.


Found a solution online and then automated the process of unzipping epub, adding the line and then packing it again. That will likely need you to lookup documentation and go through some stackoverflow Q&A as well. And once you have written the solution and use it regularly, you’ll likely encounter corner cases and features to be added. I feel this is a great way to learn and understand programming. I do not have a simple answer to this question either. If you feel comfortable with programming basics and Python syntax, then exercises are a good way to test your knowledge.

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In those cases, having IRC for help is incredibly helpful. The Rust IRC is extremely extremely helpful in that regard. Immediately afterward, I read Murach’s Java Se 6 and Beginning Java Objects to learn Java. Initially, I read Sams Teach Yourself PHP, Mysql and Apache all in one to learn PHP. Accelerated C++ is the place to start if you don’t know how any of the syntax works . Accelerated C++ by Koenig & Moo is a very good book that’ll get you up to speed in no time.

As such, I was able to pick up Python and JavaScript quite easily just by reading online documentation at and W3Schools. When I’m writing a web app, I’ll rely pretty heavily on PHP’s and MySQL’s online documentation to help me with whatever syntax quibbles I may have. For non-trivial projects, you’ll usually end up needing frameworks like built-in module unittest or third-party modules like pytest. When I start a project, I usually try to write the programs incrementally. I will make sure that portion is working , then add another feature — say file reading and test that and so on. This reduces the burden of testing a large program at once at the end.

Well it depends how much you want to learn, trying to learn all of C++ or even just the topics covered in that book before your semester starts is insane. C++ is really complicated and takes many years to really get a grip on. Another crucial aspect in the programming journey is knowing how to write tests. In bigger projects, usually there are separate engineers to test the code. Even in those cases, writing a few sanity test cases yourself can help you develop faster knowing that the changes aren’t breaking basic functionality.

We have to build a web application using these available libraries. An International Speaker, Author, and Microsoft MVP, John has been a professional developer since 1999. He has focused primarily on web technologies and currently focuses on C# and .NET Core in Azure. Clean code and professionalism are particularly important to him, as well as mentoring and teaching others what he has learned along the way. I’ve got that book too and I like the way it teaches things but it is definitely harder to understand initially than some other books. Read the wiki on Pathfinding, because this class of algorithms is very important in game development, as well as network communication.

But CLRS is too mathematically rigorous and theoretical here if you just want to get familiar with algorithms. They both teach significant aspects of the language while still being small, which are huge achievements for C++ books. But, I’m convinced that these books will teach you more C++ than what you’d learn in most college courses out there (considering of course the ones that teach C++). By the time I had read all of the above, I felt pretty confident on how to structure a program, regardless of language.

This C++ tutorial is pretty good but it is extremely brief compared to a book like Accelerated C++ which is compact, detailed, and covers much more material than the tutorial will . The C Programming Language is often recommended for learning C but it’s pricey and there are dozens of good books on C to choose from. Effective Java or Effective C++ and Effective Modern C++ #read When you’re ready to go deep into one language, these books will give you a huge boost to writing good Java and C++. I learned C++ from the book Accelerated C++ and I recommend it to everyone that wants to learn C++ seriously. The learning curve is a little steep, but with some dedication you can work yourself through it in a month or three. When you’ve written some files and feel comfortable in C++’s syntax, read Effective C++.

Here is a nice Youtube video which explains the solution to this popular system design interview question, you can watch it right here. We All know about Elevators and Lift as most of us use it. You might have seen them in pairs and in some big office buildings you can see 3 to 4 lifts.

The C++ compiler is notoriously unhelpful also which extremely confusing especially to a beginner. It is commonly the case that it finds some issue on line 12. What kind of issue could it be…maybe you forgot a semicolon. In general, the rust compiler is much more helpful with regard to error messages. If there is a confusing error message, the compiler team would like to make it better. Inevitably, if you try writing something though in either language, you will get confused/perplexed by something regardless of the quality of documentation.